World Rhythm and Motion Studio started it’s life in 1998 when Jenna Mitchell and Marsha Butler purchased the business from In Motion. The purchase came with a lease to a warehouse on Francis Street with space for one studio. After several years in that space, and the loss of one of the owners, the studio moved to an old historic building on Monterey St. between Osos and Morro. That space came with two danceable hardwood floors.

In 2002 the studio got the boot from the “space above Gigi’s” (it has since been torn down) and went on hiatus. With several dance groups wandering around homeless, or with inadequate space, the drive was started to breathe new life into the studio. The studio gained a new co-owner in Mike Rutter, as well as support from Stephen Seger of Full Circle Aikido. With that combined force the space attached to the Greyhound bus station, that was formerly Centerpoint Theater, was sought after and eventually obtained.

After a lot of renovation and cleaning, the studio reopened in its current location in 2004. We started with two studios and have since renovated another room to serve as a third space. The studio is still a little rough around the edges, but work parties throughout the year help smooth them out. The studio was forced out of this space when Greyhound gave up its long term lease.

After another hiatus and thorough search for a new space, one was found! The build-out progressed quickly and World Rhythm & Motion Studio has been reborn once again.

We are offering classes in Bellydance, flamenco, hula, swing dance, Arabic drumming, and more.